What is A+?

As an A+ School of the Arts, Claxton is committed to integrating arts into the curriculum. This means that, while your child will be exposed to the standard North Carolina curriculum, he or she will learn it more deeply and with more engagement by discovering the arts.  For example ...

Did you know that music is math?  When students sing, dance, and play musical instruments, they learn to count, to use fractions, and to read symbols.  They spot patterns and create their own.  They convey a message in a nonspoken language.  And they learn all of these math concepts while having fun, expressing themselves, learning about history and culture, and benefitting from the intangible beauty of music and dance.

As students of an A+ School of the Arts, Claxton kids are exposed to music and dance not just in their specialist hours, but through special assemblies, artists-in-residence, field trips, and classroom activities designed by teachers who are committed to arts integration.

What about how the visual arts teach geometry, history, and cultural and global studies? Take a look at what your child is creating in art class and in the classroom.  Shapes and spatial patterns, measurements and "color math," African art and art of the Harlem Renaissance.  From developing fine motor skills to connecting with other cultures to sharpening math skills to creating illustrations for their own writing, Claxton students learn more fully through the visual arts.

As an A+ School, Claxton hosts more artists-in-residence than any other Asheville City School.  Visual arts are celebrated in our hallways and classrooms, and on our playgrounds. From the Grove Park Inn Gingerbread House competition to the Asheville Art Museum, field trips show Claxton students the art in the world around them.

What else is Claxton doing to integrate arts into the curriculum?  Find out!  Subscribe to this blog to keep current on special assemblies and visitors to Claxton.  Check out the A+ podcasts  showcasing students and visiting performers.  Read through the A+ Newsletter sent out with report cards each quarter.  And check with your child's teacher to find out about upcoming events, then come join us!

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