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Wondering what arts-integration events are coming up at Claxton?  The specialist team and the classroom teachers are constantly planning special events where artists will visit, students will perform, and art projects will be displayed!  Below is a current calendar of upcoming events.  (We'll report on them as they happen on our "What's Happening" page.)

*Please check back regularly, as events will be added frequently and dates may change!

2016-2017 School Year

October 2016

October 11                    Giving Tree Interactive Drum Circle (all grades)

end of Oct.                    Asheville High School drama performance

December 2016

December 2                   Sean Gaskell playing West African music on the kora (all grades)

December 16                 Storytelling Festival -- all grades, ALL DAY

Spring 2017

                                         Asheville Symphony (2nd, 3rd, 4th grades)

                                         Asheville High School steel drum band (all grades)

                                         author visit (TBD)

Summer 2014

July - August                 Summer Escape TAPAS residency with weaving artist Audra Holden 

September 2014

September 22                Steve Turner of Giving Tree Music community drum circle (all                                                             grades)

October 2014

October 14                     Moog Synthesizer demonstration with August Worley of Bob Moog                                                    Foundation (fifth grade)

October 22                     "Folk Tales Far and Wide" performance by Asheville High School                                                       drama students (K through 3rd grade)

October 31                     Claxton Spirit Day -- come dressed as your favorite book character       

November 2014

November 6-25                
TAPAS residency with Holly DeSaillan ("The Shape of What I See")                                                     (Miss Jones' kindergarten class)

November 19                   Asheville Symphony Young People's Concert (fifth grade field trip)

December 2014

December 5                     The Nutcracker and the Mouse King performance at ACT (second                                                        grade field trip)

                                           Blue Ridge Symphony Orchestra performs Peter and The Wolf (third                                                  grade field trip)

December 11                    8th Annual Storytelling Festival (all day, all grades)

December 18                    Winter Concert

February 2015

February 18                     Chinese New Year Lion Dancers hall parade and assembly with                                                           Mark Small and the Mountain Dragon Long Shan Gung-Fu (all                                                           grades)

February 25                    Notes From the Soul performance assembly

April 2015

April 13-29                       TAPAS residency with poet Meggen Lyon (Mr. Williams' second                                                          grade class)

May 2015

May 21                            Celebration of Learning concert and potluck

2013-2014 School Year

September 2013

September 16                    After School Arts classes begin

September 24                   Steve Turner of Giving Tree Music drumming workshop
                                               (all grades)

October 2013

October 16                         Joseph D'Agnese, author of Blockhead: The Life of                                                                                      Fibonacci (grades 4-5)

October 18                        Alash Ensemble Traditional Tuvan Throat Singers performance
                                               (grades 2-5)

October 22                        Last day to order a signed copy of Blockhead: The Life of                                                                          Fibonacci by visiting author Joseph D'Agnese

October 30                       Open Dream Ensemble Kick-Off Assembly 9:00-9:50

October 30-Nov. 1          Open Dream Ensemble residency (science through playwriting and                                                     acting)

November 2013

November 1                   Student Showcases (#1)

November 18                Author David Biedrzycki (grades K through 3)

December 2013

December 12                  Annual Storytelling Festival

December 19                  Winter Concert

January 2014

January 24                  Student Showcases (#2)

January 31                   Chinese New Year Dragon Dancers Parade and Assembly

February 2014

 February 5                Dave Novak storytelling residency with Ms. Head's clas

March 2014

March 3                     Kindergarten classes begin Art Garden residency with Ginger Huebner

                                    Fourth grade classes begin Art Garden residency with Scott David                                             Smith

March 15                   Art Garden Volunteer Work Day starting at 9:00.  Come help our                                              Garden grow!

March 18                   Student Showcases at Open House

March 24                   Second grade classes begin Art Garden residency with Audra Holden

April 2014

w/o April 7-11         Dr. Bob's Sound School Assembly (2nd graders perform)

April 7                       Third graders begin Art Garden residency with Melissa Weiss

                                   First graders begin Art Garden residency with Holly deSaillan

April 11                     Poetry Assembly

April 26                    Student performances at International Carnival

April 28-May 2       Drama Production Week

May 2014

May 2-4                  Spring Drama Production performances

May 4                     Fifth graders begin Art Garden residency with Joe Dinwiddie

May 10                   Children's Art Garden final installation (volunteers needed!)

May 16                   Spring Concert and potluck

June 2014

June 9                    Student variety show

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