Monday, April 3, 2017

Fourth Graders Perform with Adama Dembele

Claxton fourth graders received a treat in March—a series of workshops with acclaimed West African drummer, Adama Dembele.

Dembele, who grew up in Cote d'Ivoire and currently resides in Asheville, is a 33rd generation djembe player. A djembe is a rope-turned, skin-covered drum, which the students learned to play. Dembele taught our fourth graders how the djembe is used for communication and storytelling. He also instructed them in the dance moves that help tell stories.

The residency culminated in a performance for kindergarteners and parents. Each class presented a different rhythm, with both drumming and dancing. Class members introduced each piece and demonstrated an impressive knowledge and understanding of West African culture.

Here's a taste of the performance:

Learn more about Adama Dembele and where you can see him perform here

Our thanks to the Asheville City Schools Foundation and its TAPAS program for making this residency possible, along with the Claxton PTO for additional funding and Mr. Butler and Coach Swain for making it happen!

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