Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Author C.M. Surrisi Keeps 4th Graders on the Edge of Their Seats

Claxton was very lucky to get a visit from author C.M. Surrisi on Friday!

Ms. Surrisi told our fourth graders about how she became a writer—starting with reading lots and lots of books when she was their age.

Then she read from her first middle-grade mystery, The Maypop Kidnapping ... and our kids were entranced. When she stopped at a particularly tense moment, the cries were likely heard throughout the building!

As a bonus treat, she also read from her new mystery, Vampires on the Run. It was a huge hit as well.

Both books are available at Spellbound Children's Books and Malaprop's. And we'll be getting several copies for the Claxton library. Demand is high!

Many thanks to Ms Surrisi for sharing her time and talents with our kids, to Spellbound Children's Books for bringing Ms. Surrisi to us, and to Ms. Brown for organizing this opportunity to remind kids that writing is an art too!

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