Monday, March 27, 2017

2nd Grade Jam at the Orange Peel

Last week saw one of our favorite events of the year, the 2nd graders' Dr. Bob's Sound School performance at the Orange Peel.

The performance was the culmination of a unit of study on the science of sound. Our students explored the motion of different sound waves and how they affect our ear drums to produce different sounds—high, low, fast, slow. If that makes it sound like our 2nd graders are learning physics ... it's because they are!

Every Asheville City Schools elementary school participates in this amazing program sponsored by the Bob Moog Foundation. Of course, Claxton, with its arts-integration theme, musical chops, and incredible second grade teaching team supported by Mr. Butler, always puts on the best show (in our biased opinion). Take a look at it here:

Great thanks to all who guided our kids through this terrific learning experience. Special thanks to the Bob Moog Foundation for making it possible!

Learn more about Dr. Bob's Sound School (and see CLX teachers Mr. Butler and Ms. Wertheim represent!) here:

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