Thursday, May 12, 2016

Second Graders in a Special Recording Session!

Claxton second graders rock the Orange Peel annually at the Dr. Bob's Soundschoo show, but this year they also landed a record deal!

As part of their work learning the science of sound, they wrote a song about Bob Moog, founder of Moog Music. The Bob Moog Foundation sponsors Dr. Bob's SoundSchool, a program that teaches the science-of-sound in Asheville City Schools.

When our kids performed the piece at the Orange Peel show, Michelle Moog-Koussa—Executive Director of the Moog Foundation, daughter of Bob Moog, and parent of Claxton alums—was moved to tears. And then moved to invite Claxton's second graders to record the song.

On Friday, May 5, they did just that. The Moog Foundation sponsored a field trip for all of them, put them in a real sound studio, and recorded their performance. 

Way to go, second graders! And thank you, Bob Moog Foundation! What an amazing experience for our students. They're sure to remember the science of sound.

Learn more about Dr. Bob's SoundSchool here. And check out the video below to see Claxton students at work learning the science of sound.

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