Friday, January 29, 2016

Sculpting Their Way to an Understanding of Force and Motion (with Legos!)

You may not usually think of building Legos as an artistic form, but anyone who saw Lego artist Sean Kenney's amazing sculptures at the WNC Arboretum last year knows better.

So do Claxton's first graders.

They did some Lego sculpting of their own today as a way of learning about force and motion.

We are always happy to see all the hands-on science learning that takes place at Claxton, and even happier to see those smiling faces!

Thanks to Bricks4Kidz for working with our students, and to the first grade team for recognizing this amazing arts-integration opportunity!

Monday, January 25, 2016

Claxton's Fourth and Fifth Grade News Team

Did you know that Claxton's morning news is produced and delivered by students in the fourth and fifth grade? 

Did you know that this great arts-integration activity takes place very single morning?

Public speaking is not only an important skill, but it's an art -- performing arts! Delivering the morning news challenges students to perform for their peers, read clearly and accurately, and understand how to present information. It also builds on important Leader in Me themes about leadership and responsibility. 

Wondering what happened to the video broadcast of the Claxton morning news? It's being revamped into student-produced public service announcements. Stay tuned to find out more about these PSA's and other new goings-on in our Digital Arts and Media Lab.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Using Art to Learn Higher Math

We were wondering what was going on with arts integration in our upper grade classrooms, so we spent a little time looking at our teachers' Twitter feeds. What amazing things are going on in Claxton's classrooms!

A couple of nuggets from this month ...

Ms. Gregg's third graders use crayons, graph paper, and mad math skills to learn and illustrate the Fibonacci Sequence. What a difference it makes to figure out how to create a visual representation yourself.

Ms. Lotter's fourth grade math board uses visual arts to help students remember different math concepts. We'd love to see this in action!

To see more classroom action, go to Claxton's grade level pages, choose a grade, and click on the link to teachers' Twitter feeds.

Thanks, our amazing Claxton teachers, for taking the time to show us what's happening in your classrooms!