Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Claxton's New Specialist Offering -- Performing Arts!

Have you heard? Claxton has added Performing Arts to its specialist offerings!

Every Claxton student will now have the opportunity to learn through performance—a terrific addition to the school's mission of learning through the arts. Students will learn about movement and character; write, produce, and perform in their own plays; and gain important public speaking skills. Think Common Core literacy standards (understanding character, setting, and plot), NC Essential Standards (learning about different cultures), and having FUN (time away from desks and getting to move)!

What about Spanish, you say? Fear not—it will be integrated throughout the curriculum. In Performing Arts alone, every student will write and perform one play entirely in Spanish, gaining crucial early language acquisition. Look for Spanish integration in all of our specialist offerings, in the classroom, and in early morning and after school clubs as well.

Finally, you might recognize our "new" Performing Arts teacher ... It's Mrs. Rigsby, most recently a fourth grade classroom teacher. She comes to the position with a strong background in drama and education, and with a huge student following. We are hearing lots of happy kids celebrating that now everyone gets to have Mrs. Rigsby for a teacher!

To really find out why we're so excited about this change, just ask your child what s/he did in Performing Arts this week!