Monday, June 8, 2015

Congratulations Claxton Winners of the Asheville Men's Gardening Club Container Contest!

The winners of the Asheville Men's Gardening Club's annual container contest have been announced, and, once again, Claxton made an incredible showing—with two Best in Shows, a First Place, and a Second Place prize.

All of the containers our classes created are in front of the school giving the community a peek at the creativity and learning taking place in our arts-integration school. And they all deserve a prize.

Here's the official list from the Men's Gardening Club:

Best in Show  ($75.00 cash and a blue ribbon)
1)  Ms. Wertheim, 2nd grade, Claxton     

2)  Ms. Hillier, 3rd grade, Vance 
3)  Ms. Locke, 4th grade, Claxton

1st Place  ($50.00 cash and a red ribbon)
1)  Ms. Hawes, 1st grade, Vance
2)  Ms. Phillips, 1st grade, Vance
3)  Ms. Morris, 2nd grade, Claxton

2nd Place  ($25.00 cash and a green ribbon)
1)  Mr. Davis, (3-way tie) 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade, Hominy Valley
2)  Ms. Dudley, Kindergarten, Claxton

3)  Ms. Bruet, Kindergarten, Avery’s Creek

Honorable Mention (yellow ribbon)
1)  Ms. Costello, 1st grade, Vance
2)  Ms. Naisang, 3-5th grade, Fairview
3)  Ms. Webb, 2 and 4th grade, Candler 

Congratulations to ALL our teachers and students who participated! And thank you to the Asheville Men's Gardening Club for inspiring our students to learn more about plants and their environment.