Tuesday, March 17, 2015

TAPAS Artist Ginger Huebner Works with Second Graders and Family Voices to Create a Racial Equity Mural

Claxton students are experiencing a fabulous opportunity to join faculty and staff as they dedicate themselves to addressing issues of racial equity at our school. TAPAS artist Ginger Huebner is working with second grade students and students attending Family Voices nights to create a collage celebrating students' understanding of themselves, their communities, and the Claxton community.

Second graders have been exploring culture and heritage as part of the social studies curriculum, and have been putting those ideas to work in a wonderful example of arts integration.  First, they made collages of themselves, focusing not only on how they see themselves, but how they understand their own cultural background and individual interests.  Claxton students of all grades attending Family Voices nights with their families participated in the same activity.

Students then worked in teams to place their individual collages into a small community.  This required a great deal of discussion and collaboration to find the ways in which their differences could be made part of a whole.

The results were, in a word, stunning!

Ms. Huebner will enlarge each group collage and put them together for a truly unique and important permanent installation in the Media Center.  As she works, students will have a chance to engage with her about the process and will continue discussing this example of creating community in their classrooms.

We are incredibly thankful to the Asheville City Schools Foundation for funding this residency, to Ms. Huebner for her time and enormous talent, to Ms. Allbach for shepherding the project, and to all of the students and teachers who have made it such a success.

Stay tuned to see the final artwork and its depiction of Claxton's diverse community!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Notes from the Soul Takes K-1 Through a Musical Time Machine

Even with snow days, 2-hour delays, and early dismissals raining -- er, snowing -- down on us, Claxton kindergarteners and first graders were treated to a special assembly last week with Notes from the Soul, a group of musicians high-school age or younger, who seek to bring a love of music to other young people.

In a fun and energetic performance, the group introduced Claxton students to music from several different eras and styles.  It was participatory and engaging, as kids tested their knowledge and added to it at the same time.

Our thanks to Notes from the Soul for helping spread their love of music to Claxton students and for all the good work they do.