Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Chinese New Year Comes to Claxton (Despite the Winter Weather)

We had to wait a little longer than usual, but Claxton students celebrated the Chinese New Year on Monday with a much-anticipated lion dance by Mark Small and Mountain Dragon Long-Shan Gong-Fu.  The performance was originally scheduled for February 19 but was postponed when Asheville City Schools were closed because of winter weather.

In this greatly loved annual event, the lion dances through the hallways of the school to rid it of evil spirits so students can welcome in a lucky new year.  Check out the pictures in the Citizen Times!  You can also see a video of the lions in action last year here.

Students prepared ahead of time by learning about the Chinese New Year and celebrating by making their own dragons and paper lanterns.  Some of our dragons are hanging out by the Media Center keeping things safe!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Fifth Graders's African Art Gets a Downtown Display

Being a school of the arts means sharing our art and the lessons we learn through it. As part of this mission, Claxton fifth graders' African artwork is currently adorning the walls of the State Employees' Credit Union in downtown Asheville. 

The students created the pieces as part of their art curriculum in honor of African American History Month.  They learned about Adire textile designs of the Yoruba tribe of Nigeria,  then created their own designs using wax resist, paint, and oil.

Way to share your knowledge with the community, Claxton fifth graders!

Second Graders Shake It as They Read

Ms. Wertheim's second grade class knows just how to use their love of music to boost their love of reading!

Twitter fans, follow #clxarts to see even more arts-integration in the classroom ...

Sunday, February 1, 2015

How Our Kindergarteners Rock an Artist Residency

Check out the newest installation of art on the Claxton campus—the glass cabinet on the first floor hallway.  It contains a display of the art produced by Miss Jones' kindergarten class during artist Holly DeSaillain's residency.

These masterpieces demonstrate so many levels of arts integration it boggles our minds.  Students worked with Common Core math standards requiring them to master geometric shapes and spatial relationships.  They demonstrated mad early literacy skills by composing their own poems, choosing rhyming words, and then writing the final product out themselves.  They developed strong fingers and engineering skills while creating their tiles.  And they learned about the work of Paul Klee to prepare for their own work.

Be sure to visit the class display!