Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Art Garden Is Really Growing!

What are those boxes popping up in the Art Garden?

Why, more opportunities for Claxton students to make things grow—and grow from the experience.

The new additions are planters that will soon host beds that advance the curricular themes featured in the Art Garden:  a butterfly garden, seasonal bed, shapes and colors bed, and North Carolina indigenous plants beds.

Students will have the opportunity to plant and tend the beds as a tie-in to their curriculum.  How cool to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and then see it taking place!  Or to practice identifying shapes and colors with flowers you've planted.  And what a treat to study Cherokee culture while growing what they have traditionally harvested.

We were able to purchase materials thanks to a grant from Buncombe County Master Gardeners.  And community volunteers from Duke Energy were generous enough to donate their time to build the planters.  Our sincere thanks for all the support both groups have shown Claxton.

Keep your eyes peeled as the Art Garden really starts growing!

Monday, November 3, 2014

Getting Spooky in Second Grade

Everyone knows Halloween is spooky, but check out how Mr. Williams' second graders took advantage of the holiday to show off their writing and storytelling skills.

Every student worked hard on writing his or her own spooky story, editing it, and adding illustrations.  Then, on Halloween, they gathered around the fire and read their stories to their peers and an audience of parents.

Not only did they gain great experience in creating their own stories, exercising their imaginations, and reinforcing the concept of story arcs, but they learned how adding a performance to the story allowed them to directly affect their audience—from inducing shivers to inviting laughter.

The students are dressed as their favorite book characters as well!

We're so proud of this and the many other examples of in-class arts integration that our talented teachers offer their students.  Our children are so lucky for this learning environment!