Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Third though Fifth Graders Enjoy A Gamelan

What is a gamelan, you may ask?

Why, your third, fourth, or fifth grader should be able to answer after Friday's performance by the Warren Wilson College Gamelan Ensemble!

A gamelan is an orchestra of tuned metal percussion instruments characteristic of Java, Bali, Malaysia and other island cultures off the coast of Southeast Asia. Each gamelan has its own name, its own tuning system, and its own distinctive “personality.”  The WWC
Gamelan Ensemble currently performs gamelan degung, a style particular to Sunda (western Java).

The students were fascinated by this music so different from what they are used to hearing.  Many thanks to Dr. Kevin Kehrberg, Director of the Department of Music at Warren Wilson College, for bringing gamelan music to Claxton and introducing our students to a new culture!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Claxton Kids Boogie to Asheville High School's Steel Drums

Asheville High School Steel Drums shared their musical talents with Claxton kindergarten through second grades on April 22, and boy did our kids appreciate it!

Check out the music, the dancing, and the spring spirit.

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Day in the Art Garden

Last week's beautiful spring weather saw the Art Garden growing as 2nd graders worked on the garden looms and the background for the 4th graders' mural went up on the Merrimon-facing wall of the cafeteria.

Ms. Then's class came to check out the mural progress and snap a photo with artist Scott David Smith.  The students' mural work will be added to the mural background this week -- keep your eyes peeled!  Scott's business, Renovate with Color, provides art contracting services for residential and commercial design and is a sponsor of the Art Garden.

Mrs. Henderson's class worked with artist Audra Holden, of Life on a Loom, to weave a representation of the life cycle of frogs on one of the four garden looms.  

They even sang as they worked.

Please consider making your mark on the Art Garden by purchasing an engraved brick.  The funds will help pay for the many materials necessary to make our Garden grow, and your brick will be permanently installed as part of the Art Garden.  You can honor a Claxton student or grad, a family member, a pet, a favorite teacher, your business ... you name it.

Order an Engraved Brick Here

Our thanks to our artists and their Art Garden-sponsoring businesses!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Art Garden Makes the News!

The Art Garden was the subject of the "Never Stop Learning" segment on WLOS news yesterday.  Check out our kindergarteners talking about what they've learned!