Friday, February 28, 2014

Second Graders Learn Some Fruit-Loopy Math Skills

This week Claxton second graders learned a new mathematical equation:  Fruit Loops + arts integration + graphing lesson = a fun way to learn math.

Each student received a "data bag" filled with different colored Fruit Loops.  The student mathematicians created bar graphs representing the number of Fruit Loops in their data bag, arranged by color.

Showing more mad math-arts-integration skills, the student mathematicians then transferred their data to picture graphs, affixing the Fruit Loops themselves to the graphs. Using their graphs, they asked and answered questions about their data, employing their addition and subtraction skills.

What a great example of an arts-integrated lesson from our second grade team!

Monday, February 24, 2014

The Storytelling Festival Continues with a Visit from David Novak

Storyteller David Novak visited Claxton first graders on February 5 for an afternoon of listening and learning how to tell their own stories.

Mr. Novak described storytelling as writing without a pencil.  He explained how storytellers create images and stories with spoken words that allow  listeners to see pictures in their minds. 

In anticipation of first-graders' upcoming science unit on rocks, Mr. Novak told a tale about the first story, which was told by a small rock, when rocks could talk.  (They don't talk any more.)  The children were entranced and engaged, as he coupled expressive words and gestures with elements of surprise and child-centered interest points.

Mr. Novak encouraged the children to notice their surroundings by conducting an activity where the students view the classroom through new eyes and identify something they've never seen before.  He also had students look out the window and describe what they saw so that the listeners could "see" with them.

The first grade team is grateful to Mr. Novak for sharing his time and talents with them.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

First Grade Poets Shine in Winter Poetry Presentation

Mrs. Powell's first grade class showed off their performance skills at the Winter Poetry Presentation in their classroom on Thursday, January 30th.  

Before an audience of parents, teachers, and administrators, they did a lovely job of reciting poems they had memorized.  The students showed remarkable poise, rhythm, and confidence.

 They even gave an encore performance for visitors during to the Magnet School Open House!

Our thanks to Mrs. Powell for showing us what arts integration is all about!