Monday, January 27, 2014

Behind the Scenes at Claxton's Digital Arts & Media Lab

Check out the amazing work our fifth graders are doing writing and producing the CLX AM morning news, thanks to a grant from Asheville City Schools Foundation and the hard work of Kimberly Eggett, our Instructional Technology Facilitator.  The $5,000 grant was used to create a digital arts and media lab—and here are the results.  

This is the video shown to ACSF when it visited Claxton on its Tour of Excellence last week:

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

In honor of the Chinese New Year, Claxton students were once again treated to a performance by Mark Small's Lion Dancers.

The lion dance is a traditional Chinese dance form used for special occasions, including the new year. The lion is an expression of joy and is believed to summon luck and good fortune. The head of the lion usually includes a mirror so that evil spirits will be frightened away by their own reflection. 

Check out the Lion dancing through the halls of Claxton and performing for our students!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Senor Jimenez Introduces Cueca to Claxton Students

Claxton students learned about Cueca, the national dance of Chile, before the winter break.  
Senor Jimenez taught our older students in grades 3 through 5 about both Cueca and Chile.  Cueca is also performed in Bolivia and Argentina, but, as the national dance, is performed throughout Chile during the national holidays in September.

He also taught the Claxton K-2 students how to Cueca dance!

Many thanks to Senor Jimenez for sharing Chilean culture with our students!

Another Awesome Winter Concert

Once again, Claxton students showed off their musical skills in the 2013 Winter Concert on December 19.
Morning Musicians show off their skills

Performances from all grades included singing, dancing, and playing musical instruments.

Mr. Williams' second graders on bells

Students celebrated a diversity of cultures, with traditional Christmas songs, Hanukkah songs in Hebrew, and a rousing rendition of Feliz Navidad.

Mrs. Powell's first graders sing in Hebrew

Congratulations to all of our performers and to Mr. Butler for all of their hard work!