Thursday, October 24, 2013

Alash Ensemble Visits from Tuva

Second through fifth graders were treated to something very new for them on Friday as the Alash Ensemble, who come from the country of Tuva (located between Siberia and Mongolia) and perform "throat singing," shared their music and culture.

Tuvan throat singing is a remarkable technique for singing multiple pitches at the same time.  Masters of traditional Tuvan instruments as well as the art of throat singing, Alash are deeply committed to traditional Tuvan music and culture.  They tour professionally, sharing their culture with westerners. We are very lucky to have had them perform at Claxton.

Both during the performance and in classroom discussion prior to it, students learned about a different part of the world with different music, traditions, and religious beliefs. Attending the performance helped make them truly world scholars.

Check out a sample of the Alash Ensemble's music here:

Friday, October 18, 2013

Local Author Joseph D'Agnese Shares His Book About the Fibonnaci Sequence

Asheville author Joseph D'Agnese joined fourth and fifth graders in the Media Center on October 17 to talk about his children's picture book, Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci.  

Blockhead is a fictionalized account of how the real-life mathematician Leonardo of Pisa helped convert Europe from reliance on Roman numerals to the Hindu-Arabic numerals we use today and how he discovered the Fibonacci Sequence, a series of numbers that mathematically describes how many natural objects develop and thrive.  The book follows Leonardo's travels from Italy to North Africa over 800 years ago, his discovery of the more efficient numerals, and his subsequent travels throughout the Mediterranean learning about these numerals and how to use them.

Listen to D'Agnese's discussion with the fourth graders here: 

Learn more about his book here:

To order a signed copy of his book, scroll down to the next post.  Order are due Tuesday, October 22!

D'Agnese also writes adult crime novels, has co-authored books about the U.S. Founding Fathers, and is the author of The Scientist and the Sociopath: True Science Stories.

We are grateful to him for sharing his story of science, math, and history with Claxton students and showing them how factual events can be turned into an illustrated work of fiction.  Now that's arts integration!

D'Agnese with Claxton Media Center Specialist, Jamie Allbach

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Order a Personally Inscribed Copy of Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci by Visiting Author Joseph D'Agnese

Claxton Exclusive!

Asheville author Joseph D'Agnese will be visiting Claxton this Thursday, October 17 to talk to fourth and fifth grade students about his book, Blockhead: The Life of Fibonacci.

He has generously offered to sign copies of his book and has arranged to have them available for purchase through Malaprops. 

If you would like to purchase a signed copy of Mr. D’Agnese’s book, please fill out and return this form by Tuesday, October 22.

** Fourth and fifth grade students who do not purchase the book will receive a bookmark signed by the author! **

Based on the real-life mathematician who lived in Italy during the Middle Ages, this charming fantasy tells how young Leo discovers the Fibonacci Sequence, the series of numbers that order the way all living things grow and flourish.  Perfect for kids who love math, history and nature.  Learn more at  Grades 2 to 6.  Hardcover.  Henry Holt Books for Young Readers.

“Math lover or not, readers should succumb to the charms of this highly entertaining biography of medieval mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci.” — Publishers Weekly

“This lighthearted introduction to Fibonacci’s ideas will inspire young math lovers and perhaps point them toward more scholarly explorations.” — School Library Journal

Yes, my child would like ____ copy/ies, inscribed as follows:


Price of 1 book:  $18.18 (tax included).  Please pay by check only made out to CLAXTON PTO. 

Child’s Name: ____________________________  Grade: __________  Teacher: __________________

* TEACHERS:  Please send forms & checks to the PTO box in Debra Stewart’s office.  You do not need to receipt. *