Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fourth Graders Plan for a LEAF Performance

LEAF has offered Claxton a residency with storyteller, puppeteer, and comedian Grayson Morris, and our fourth grade teachers have wisely pounced on it!

Morris will teach fourth graders about puppetry in October.  Students will write the scripts, design the sets, create and learn how to manipulate the puppets, produce sound effects, and, of course, produce and perform their show at LEAF.  Mark your calendar now for their performance on Sunday, October 20 at 11:45!

Many thanks to our fourth grade teachers—Ms. Rigsby, Ms. Then, and Ms. Wells—for their work in planning for this exciting residency.

Check out Morris's puppet production of The Turtle and the Scorpion:

And find out more about LEAF in Schools & Streets here.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Claxton Kicks Off the New School Year with $18,000 in Arts-Related Grants from Asheville City Schools Foundation

The Asheville City Schools Foundation visited Claxton during Friday's Faculty Retreat with big news.  It has awarded Claxton a total of $18,000 in arts-related grants for projects proposed by Claxton faculty this year.

The grants are for:

  • six week-long artist residencies—one for each grade—to create a Children's Art Garden in the green space along Merrimon and Hillside
  • iPads for the first grade classrooms
  • a new Digital Arts and Media Lab
  • Mr. Butler, our  music teacher, to study African drumming with Adama Dembele and to bring this art to our students

We are so proud of our A+ team, Mrs. Head, Ms. Eggett, and Mr. Butler for their work applying for and winning these grants for Claxton.

We're also proud to have three ACSF Fellows at Claxton this year:  Teah Hartman, our literacy coach, Ann Turner, our ECE teacher, and Kimberly Eggett, our Instructional Technology Facilitator.  ACSF Fellows receive funding for projects that use innovative techniques to address the achievement gap in our schools.

Our deepest thanks to the Foundation for its generosity and support.  What a way to start the new school year!