Thursday, February 28, 2013

Education Director for the Asheville Art Museum Talks About the Harlem Renaissance

On Feburary 27, Nancy Sokolove, Education Director for the Asheville Art Museum, gave a special presentation on artists of the Harlem Renaissance to Mr. Cassara's third grade Roots and Wings students and fifth grade art class.   She regaled students with stories and artwork from photographer James Van Der Zee and painter Jacob Lawrence, including these:

James Van Der Zee's portrait of a couple in Harlem, 1932 
Note that this was taken during the Great Depression!

Panel #1 of 60 from Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series, 1941 
Lawrence painted this piece when he was 23 years old

Ms. Sokolove told the students that the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Phillips Collection in Washington, D.C. engaged in a bidding war over the Migration series, finally reaching a compromise:   One museum got all the odd-numbered panels and the other got all the even-numbered ones. The students expressed great concern with this arrangement because they felt it would be too difficult for patrons to travel back and forth between New York and D.C. to see the panels in order so they could understand the story!

Mr. Cassara reports that he was pleased and impressed with the knowledge the students brought to the classes and delighted by the connections they made between Lawrence's Great Migration series and the African art they have been studying in his class.

Our sincere thanks to Ms. Sokolove and the Asheville Art Museum for contributing to arts integration and increasing Claxton's A+ visibility.  We plan to continue to strengthen our partnership with the Museum!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hear how we integrate the arts at Claxton!

This year, we've started recording podcasts in order to celebrate how we integrate the arts.  Podcasts are online radio that allows you to hear what we're doing!

To listen to our podcasts, go to Spreaker and click on the episodes of your choice.